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December 27, 2006



great links. I primarily remember Ford through the SNL jokes from the seventies. He ate a tamali with the cornhusk still on it when visiting Texas once.
That may have been a sign of incipient zombitude.
Now, I must go back and grade some more student exams.


The man was an incredible politician . . . and a total prick.

Hi. I couldn't find an email link, so I am letting you know I am crossposting on my blog (join Progressive Blog Wire, y'all).

Great stuff, and a good response to my soppy homage on my blog.

Jay Becker O'Neil

Don't forget the Mayaguez incident on May 12, 1975, in which a US merchant ship in Cambodian territorial waters was siezed by the new Khmer Rouge government to question the crew (after all, the US did not recognize the government of Cambodia and had only hostile intentions toward it, as illustrated in years of illegal and covert bombing resulting in the deaths of 100,000s of Cambodians, devastation of agriculture, etc., etc.).

Ford responded with military force that resulted in the death of 41 US military personnel and 50 wounded, as well as an estimated 60 Cambodians. The military attack included an assault on the Mayaguez itself (found empty by the time US military arrived) and on the mainland of Cambodia. An airbase in Thailand was used by the US for its air assault, despite the explicit refusal of the Thai government to authorize that use.

All in all, Ford used the incident to try to reestablish US military might in SE Asia and its gangster reputation just weeks after the world witnessed US military and diplomatic personnel scrambling to get out of Ho Chi Minh City as the combined forces of the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam and NVA liberated their country from decades of US genocide.

Yeah, quite a legacy for "Mr. Nice Guy."

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