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June 24, 2007



the car was called Hazel i remember. what's the bike gonna be called?

Mairead Case

Bike names and colourings are crucial. Trust this -- maybe more than a helmet.


The bike does not yet have a name -- I'm waiting for inspiration. Also, no paint job yet: there appears to be an incipient struggle w/ building management over bicycle parking and working on bikes on the property.


Congrats on the bike. It seems your participation in the World Naked Bike Ride (with nice borrowed wheels)finally got you to Working Bikes.

I like Jabba the Burke even less than Daley, but ya gotta give it to him -- he had the guts to come out and say what Daley believes, but is afraid to say: we have too damn much car traffic in this town, and it's unhealthy and costs a fortune.

Bikes are an important part of the solution to that problem.

Mairead Case

Keep the faith, then -- and sometimes it's nice to have two names, just in case the bike goes Sybil on you. Or Jekyll and Hyde.

jordan 1

It's great to hear from you and see what you've been up to. In your blog I feel your enthusiasm for life. thank you.

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Thanks, I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

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