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June 24, 2007


Art Leonard

You've mischaracterized what happened in Oregon. That's a brand new sexual orientation law, not merely an extension of an existing law to include gender identity.


I appreciate the criticism, Prof. Leonard.
For those who want to do some more reading, here a few more links:
Full text of Senate Bill 2:

Basic Rights Oregon (adovcacy group):
Corporate media coverage:


The tide has turned, though there's still plenty of paddling to do.

The Lawrence case substantially broadened the constituency for privacy rights and, unlike the reproductive choice constituency, which is never really gonna be proud of abortion, the LGBT community is proud, committed, and growing.

It may well end up being LGBTS who do the most to protect the sexual freedom of heteros.

Godd bless ya, LGBTS. Your struggle is our struggle, but you're doing most of the work right now.

Mairead Case

Another tipping-point-of-corporatization: at the MNPLS Pride Parade (and others, I'd guess), Target hands out temporary tattoos of their logo, done in rainbow. This absolutely terrifies me. And Seattle's Pride Celebration is also weird, but differently so.

Mairead Case

Erm. Whoops on the hotlink -- differently so:

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