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April 20, 2007



While I agree that this is an assault on abortion as a whole, I want to pause for reflection about the specific procedure they vaguely targetted.
The deal is, it can happen to anyone including people the religious right would consider to be the paragon of family values.
Basically, by the time a whole host of horrors show up on an ultrasound, you are at 20+ weeks. So, if you don't want to go to the santorum route and spend another 20 weeks carrying a child you know is doomed, only to bring its corpse home with you so your other children can spend time on deathwatch, then you end the life.
And yes, being a parent means making life and decisions for your child, even before they're born. So then you go and have labor induced but since you're only twenty weeks, it might not work.
And doctors want a backup of something else, namely intact dilation and extraction, or they won't see you at all. Since we were privileged we got this done under insurance (though we had to badger them into paying) in a hospital maternity ward (!) with nary a counterprotestor in sight. We even got to have a commemorative ceremony at our supportive place of worship, not something everyone can do.
So this can happen to you, privileged breeders! I know. so it's not just altruism any more to stick up for abortion access.


trayf, this is a thoughtful & moving response, and I'm truly sorry for your loss. You're right to point out the value of support from a spiritual community -- something not everyone can count on; and you also are frank about the role privilege played in access to care. And you draw the point home to anyone else who may feel that their privilege will protect them in this new, post-Roe era.
I do want to emphasize the seriousness of my contention that we really are in a post-Roe era now, and that the Carhart decision does much more than ban a specific procedure.
Thanks again for your comment, and be well.

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